Executive Team

Nikki Fowler | CEO


Nikki Fowler is the Publisher, Creative Director and Editor-In-Chief of Glitter Magazine. Her educational background is in technology, publishing, fashion, beauty and entertainment. She is a graduate of Rutgers College, Rutgers University, with a degree in English and has spent decades in the entertainment and publishing world, working for companies like Maybelline, Conde Nast, Rodale Press, MTV and Universal Records.
She's a seasoned publisher after founding her last luxury fashion and travel magazine and boutique design firm internationally. Advertising clients have included Versace, Dior, Tag Heuer, Tommy Bahamas, and a slew of beverage brands such as Heineken, Bacardi and the Diageo family of brands. She has globe trotted throughout Europe, The West Indies and South America, becoming an expert in entertainment, beauty, fashion, luxury travel and lifestyle journalism with frequent travels to St. Barths, Paris and Capri.
Seeing a gap in the teen market for relatable content for the coming of age consumer, she created Glitter Magazine a lifestyle and entertainment magazine. She founded Glitter Magazine in 2006 and went into print in 2009 acquiring global advertisers such as Maybelline, Sally Hansen and OPI. She's forged partnerships with companies like Delia's, Skechers, Forever21, Sephora, Aeropostale, Kohl's, Bloomingdales and many other national brands. She has interviewed hundreds of celebrities from the Kardashians, Wendy Williams, Elle McPherson, Nigel Barker, Daphne Oz, Kimora Lee Simmons to Cody Simpson. She works with every major publicist across the globe as well as every major fashion, beauty and entertainment outlet including ABC, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, BRAVO, INSTYLE and CBS. She skyrocketed Glitter to national status within one issue with contracts with national newsstand distributors, taking the title to national chains like Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart and over 30 other national retailers. Glitter was a glossy magazine found on over 3000 newsstands in every US state which is now completely digital, available digitally for Nook as well as Overdrive for the South East Asia market.
Currently Fowler oversees operations of the entire publication, which includes creative direction for celebrity video and photo shoots in NYC and LA, overseeing the Glitter digital website and marketing the company to a reach of 350k on Facebook with up to 26 Million impressions per month and 65k on twitter which has an impression rate of 2-5 Million viewers per month. She lectures for workshops such as Fashion Camp NYC, founded by Coach executives, as well as works with charitable organizations like GIRL UP and She's the First.

Paul Hynek | Board

Paul Hynek

Paul Hynek is a Wharton MBA, an Adjunct Professor of Finance and Accounting at Pepperdine University, and the creator of startup financial projections software that has raised over $1 billion for thousands and startups. He has significant executive, software and high tech experience in the US, Europe, and Asia.  Paul is the creator and President of EZ Numbers, financial projections software for startups that allows entrepreneurs to make their own business models in hours, learn the basics of accounting and finance, and raise money from investors and bankers. He has worked with hundreds of new ventures, and has been dubbed “The Startup CFO.”  Paul is actively involved in virtual and augmented reality in both distribution, content creation, and academic research aspects.  Paul led the successful acquisition of Giant Studios’ ownership of its renowned virtual production motion capture software, and was behind the software license deals that powered Avatar 2-5, The Hobbit, Dawn/Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Happy Feet, Grand Theft Auto, and was instrumental in the successful sale of Giant Studios to James Cameron.  Paul conceived and produced Surf Monkey, the world’s first children’s online service, and introduced it with Bill Gates at the launch event for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. Paul was instrumental in raising over $30,000,000, and positioning it for an IPO.  As Director of Business Development at Bandai Digital Entertainment, he produced the first online service for a set-top box, managing this multi-million dollar project with custom browser, chat, and e-mail, including relationships with over 100 developers.  Paul has a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School of Business, a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s Joseph H. Lauder Institute, and a BA in French from the University of Illinois. Paul’s highly-rated course at Pepperdine uses a curriculum he developed that combines elements of accounting, finance, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and negotiations, and also features diverse guest speakers, real world experience, and great food.  Paul has significant Board experience, serving on several corporate Boards and Advisory Boards, and has 15 years of non-profit Board experience, nine years as Chair, of the Red Cross of Santa Monica, La Reserva Forest Foundation, and the Lauder Institute Alumni Association. Paul serves as a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation, and is a highly sought-after speaker on startup funding and virtual reality, and has spoken recently at South by Southwest and Mensa.  Paul follows the Singularity and robust lifespan extension. He is fluent in French, capable in Japanese, and speaks some Mandarin, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. He authored a paper entitled “The Hyper-Commons: How Open Science Prizes Can Expand and Level the Medical Research Playing Field” that was published in Rejuvenation Research. He recently participated in a year-long study out of the Stanford Neuroscience Institute to regrow the thymus gland.  

Heather Riccio | Director

Heather Riccio | Director

Heather Riccio, the editorial director of Glitter Magazine, has worked in the publishing industry, in some capacity from magazines to print and e-books, since she was nineteen-years-old. Her Master’s degree is in Fiction Writing and her undergraduate degree is a double degree in English and Anthropology from University of California, Riverside. From editing social media daily, editing magazine editions, securing celebrity talent, interviewing celebrity talent, and asking the raw and real questions many magazines refused to ask, Heather does a little bit of it all. With an understanding of how magazines operate and what goes into keeping a digital content trending. Also note, that the word “No” is not in her vocabulary. Positive minds and thinking only.  This translates in her work for Glitter as well. She is part of a small team that does the work of hundreds, Nikki and Heather are moving mountains in the publishing industry, literally.  

Zoe Fowler


Zoë Fowler is a savvy young actress and influencer, living, shaping and telling the upcoming Gen Z story.

She is cast in NERD POSSE a new pilot with Benjamin Stockham and Jacob Hopkins playing the role of Kennedy Hawk.

Zoë has teamed up with Larsen Thompson, Chandler Kinney,  Brec Bassinger, Lilimar Hernandez, Luna Blaise, Paris Smith and hundreds  of others on Glitter’s #SelfLoveCampaign. An expert in social media  platforms of all kinds, Zoë played a major role in developing and  promoting Glitter’s #SelfLoveCampaign, a social media initiative that  has reached over 200 million people with a message of self-worth and  developing a positive body image. To note Zoë’s reach, a 30-second BTS  clip of Zoë on Facebook LIVE reached an amazing two million eyes. The  campaign has brought together celebrities from ABC, NBC, MTV, FOX,  DISNEY, NICKELODEON, HOLLYWOOD RECORDS, ATLANTIC RECORDS, LIFETIME, CBS,  and FREEFORM to name a few, in order to build the self-esteem + body  image across the nation.

She is comfortable in front of the camera acting,  interviews and celebrity social takeovers, having also appeared on-air,  on NBC local affiliates. She knows the personalities and causes young  people embrace and connects to their most passionate interests. Not a  stranger to the camera from a very young age, Zoë has appeared in Time  Out Kids New York, modeled for various campaigns and partnered with  brands like Boy Meets Girl, Skechers, Farmhouse Fresh, TJ Maxx, Hi  Smile, Be Yourself Be Beautiful, Wanderlust, Kipling, Nails Inc., Blink  Bar and Swell Sunshine to name a few.

As the co-founder and contributor to Glitter, she’s a  behind-the-scenes veteran in these worlds. With Glitter, Zoë has served  as art director on photo and video shoots, interviewing the celebrities  that teens want to meet, including Skai Jackson, Kendall and Kylie  Jenner, Rydel Lynch, Alli Simpson, and Zendaya, among many others. An  in-demand brand ambassador, Zoë’s buzz-worthy brand choices are featured  on Lifestyle by Zoë Fowler, a dedicated section on Glitter.

Zoë has helped shape Glitter’s vision of ethical social  media, with its commitment to contributing accurate, positive messaging.  Celebrities overwhelmingly retweet and/or engage with Glitter tweets,  which receive 5 million impressions per month and 200 million  impressions across all of Glitter’s social media.

Zoë has engaged with teens at FASHION CAMP NYC with  Glitter as faculty, holding workshops on fashion and beauty writing. She  has assisted in Glitter giving back to charity with her Casetify case  collection partnership giving portions of proceeds to I AM THAT GIRL.  She is also a collaborator on a new subscription service to inspire  self-love at